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  • UV Stability Maintains Colour and Prevents Fading
    UV Stability Maintains Colour and Prevents Fading
  • Resistant To Cracking and Deformation
    Resistant To Cracking and Deformation
  • Cost Effective Installation Process
    Cost Effective Installation Process
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About Resin Bound Driveways

Our range of resin bound driveways offer many benefits over traditional paving and tarmac surfacing.  Unlike other resin surfaces, our driveways are constructed using a mixture of quality aggregates, bound together with resin before application. This results in a resilient, hard wearing surface that maintains its form, density and structure for many years to come.

As a permeable surfacing solution, resin bound driveways absorb large amounts of rain water, safely distributing it downwards to the natural water table, thus eliminating the collection of standing water.  This is a popular characteristic of our resin bound surfacing, as ice formations and trip hazards are kept to an absolute minimum.

Why Choose Resin Bound Surfacing?

  • Flexibility, Complex Patterns & Selection Of Colours

  • UV Stability Maintains Colour & Prevents Fading

  • Permeable Surface Prevents Standing Water

  • Fast & Cost Effective Installation Process 

  • Resistant To Cracking & Deformation

  • Efficient & Safe Drainage Properties

  • No Planning Permission Required

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Backed By Guarantee

  • Anti Slip Surfacing

  • Low Maintenance

  • Weed Resistant

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